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Mission Statement

CyberFuels Focus is on Green Energy, Sustainable efuels.  Renewable methanol as an efuel reduces carbon emissions by 65-95 %. Currently CyberFuels GEM fuels reduce emissions between 8% and 22%. This is a bridge to the future. The company’s goal is to reach a 95% reduction in CO2 GHG by using a sustainable efuel made from renewable feedstocks.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Southwest Hydrogen LLC, CyberFuels expects to produce completely sustainable green liquid hydrogen which will be used in military planes and ships, as well as civilian vehicles and watercrafts with converted engines.

Completion of the Southwest Hydrogen’s liquid hydrogen terminal is expected to be completed in Tampa Florida in the 72 acre CyberFuels’ Green Energy Campus early spring 2024.

Methanol + Gasoline blended fuels

CyberFuels Inc. delivers:

  • Our custom blended fuels meet or exceed all U.S.A. Federal Government Fuel Standards, Canadian Federal Government Fuel Standards, as well as all ASTM international fuel standards.
  • Standard Gasoline Grades.
  • Diesel Fuel.

Our gasoline and alcohol blended fuels offer superior performance over similar traditional gasoline blends. Unlike other fuel options, there is no need to retrofit the vehicle for consumption of our fuel blends.

All of our fuels can be transported, stored and pumped like regular gasoline.

A drop-in replacement for existing gasoline blends.

Our Fuel

Our custom blended fuels meets or exceed all U.S.A federal government fuel standards, Canadian federal fuel standards, as well as all ASTM international fuel standards.

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Our Additives

The Best Energy Drink For Cars, Trucks and Marine Vessels

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