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Our vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable energy solutions that bridge the gap to a better future. We are committed to offering our customers green energy and sustainable efuels that reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability. We envision a future where our customers can rely on our products and services to power their homes, businesses, and communities without compromising on safety, reliability, or affordability. Our goal is to empower our customers to make responsible and informed choices that will benefit themselves, their communities, and the environment. Through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability, we will create a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Mission Statement

Through our additives division, we aim to achieve our vision of providing sustainable energy solutions that dramatically improve engine performance and power, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. Currently, our additives reduce emissions by 22%.  Our goal is to develop and market energy solutions that reduce CO2 GHG emissions up to 100% by using a sustainable efuel made from Green Hydrogen, resulting in Green gasoline, Green Diesel, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

We are committed to producing sustainable Green hydrogen and efuels at our new Port Tampa Green Energy Campus https://youtu.be/oTtOsF2tu94 and through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Southwest Hydrogen, LLC. (www.southwesthydrogen.com).  These fuels will be used in civilian vehicles and watercraft, as well as commercial and military vehicles, including planes and ships.

By leveraging the power of sustainable energy and Green Hydrogen, we aim to provide our customers with energy solutions that are not only reliable and efficient but also environmentally friendly. Our vision is to create a sustainable future that benefits both our planet and our communities, and we believe that sustainable energy is the key to achieving this goal.

Methanol + Gasoline blended fuels

CyberFuels Inc. delivers:

Our gasoline and alcohol blended fuels offer superior performance over similar traditional gasoline blends. Unlike other fuel options, there is no need to retrofit the vehicle for consumption of our fuel blends.

All of our fuels can be transported, stored and pumped like regular gasoline.

A drop-in replacement for existing gasoline blends.

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Our Fuel

Our custom blended fuels meets or exceed all U.S.A federal government fuel standards, Canadian federal fuel standards, as well as all ASTM international fuel standards.

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Our Additives

The Best Energy Drink For Cars, Trucks and Marine Vessels

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