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Drop by and fill-up with an inexpensive, high octane, first class fuel.

At CyberFuels we have created a significant opportunity for ourselves in the global fuel market. Our patented, custom blended methanol enhanced fuels offer exceptional advantages, including lower Co2 and sulfur emissions (amounts dependent on the blend), over traditional gasoline used daily by the global community.

Drop by and fill-up with an inexpensive, high octane, first-class, grade “A” CyberFuels fuel.

At CyberFuels Inc.. we have created a truly superior fuel to regular gasoline. We have researched, tested and perfected the ability to blend methanol with gasoline, to deliver universal high octane fuels that are a “drop-in” replacement for gasoline.

If you still have old style gasoline in your car there is no problem topping up with CyberFuels Inc. fuel, and if there`s still CyberFuels in your car, there`s no problem topping up with your old gasoline.

There’s no need to modify your engine, fuel system, or fuel pumps. Simply pull in, fill up as usual, and drive away.

Our “EcoFlex 96” Flex Fuel is a 96 octane, high performance, inexpensive replacement for “E85” ethanol-based fuel. We can custom blend our patented additive with gasoline and from 5% to 85% methanol while increasing octane levels. Our blended fuels not only lower CO2 and Sulfur emissions, but they also lower the cost to consumers while increasing retail margins.

All of our fuels meet or exceed USA Federal Government Fuel Standards, Canadian Federal Government Fuel Standards as well as ASTM Global Fuel Standards and carry an “A” anti-corrosion rating.

Just pull up to the pump, fill up and drive away as you have always done.

Cyber Fuels Inc