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President Update

June 10, 2021

Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to announce that Encountercare Solutions, Inc. OTC BB (ECSL) wholly owned subsidiary, CyberFuels, Inc. has successfully completed its portion of the due diligence in connection with purchasing real estate at Port of Tampa, inclusive of the on-going businesses on the properties. An extension of the due diligence was granted to complete the documentation of title insurance on or before June 18th. CyberFuels intends, after closing, to use this facility to develop a state-of-the-art fuel blending and distribution terminal for their own fuel storage as well as accepting third-party storage contracts. CyberFuels and the Seller are moving to close the transaction as soon as possible but not later than August 3, 2021.


John Lawrence
President / CyberFuels, Inc.

President's Letter

March 1, 2021

Dear Shareholders,

It has been 2 weeks since I started as President of CyberFuels, Inc. and CyberFuels Gateway Terminal and I wanted those first 14 days to get myself further entrenched in the businesses before I shared with you my thoughts and vision for the future of these firms.

First off, I am truly grateful and humbled to be asked by Ron Mills to lead these great companies into what I know will be challenging, and yet extremely exciting times ahead. He has built a solid foundation that we plan to build upon in the years ahead. Many companies have been hit hard by the pandemic, and I have been blessed to have been at Bank of America in the Small Business arena to help business owners of all industries strive to not only stay in business, but morph into the post-pandemic economy. I shared my decades of expertise, experiences, and business development lessons with those business owners while I treasured the opportunity to learn and gain insight from those owners as well. While I was there as Assistant Vice President at Bank of America, I was privileged to meet Ron Mills by happenstance about 15 months ago. Not only did our friendship grow, but he was able to share with me (under NDA) information about the exciting companies that he was running. The more we talked, the more he saw the synergies between what he wanted and what these two companies needed; specifically, my prior industry relationships, knowledge, and wisdom I could bring given my years of experience in the fuel and banking industries. Especially intriguing to me were the opportunities that lay in wait for CyberFuels, Inc. and CyberFuels Gateway Terminal. I am a leader and an entrepreneur at heart; I have owned multi-million-dollar businesses with over 400 employees as well as smaller firms so joining these two companies at this opportunistic time is a natural fit for me.

During the last 15 months, Ron and I have been discussing growing CyberFuels by acquiring more stations and building more retail relationships to sell our fuels including Dynamo. To do so, we have been pursuing an opportunity to build an immense supply and storage facility / terminal here in Florida for CyberFuels. The terminal will not only store and mix our patented formula for EcoFlex and Dynamo, but also store other companies’ fuels and biofuels for added throughput revenues for us. To wit, we are currently under a signed Definitive Agreement with the properties’ owner to purchase land with terrific sea, truck, and rail access that will enable us to deliver a consistent supply of fuels to a very under-supplied State. Currently, there exists an average of only 2 – 4 days’ supply of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels in Florida and those fuels are supplied nearly all by marine tankers and barges. Florida has no refineries and pipelines which puts the state in a precarious position given the ever- increasing population growth in the state. When storms hit the Gulf and the state, the supply is even more problematic. CyberFuels has an exciting opportunity to build a state-of-the-art “Green” storage terminal complex to help relieve the current storage demand as well as controlling CyberFuels own fuel needs. Since we are under an NDA with the seller until the Closing, which we expect in the upcoming months, we are limited to what we can share now, but the final inspections and due diligence are going well.

We have contracted with Jon Currier, a world-renowned terminal engineer and project manager for help with the site planning, due diligence, and construction efforts for this project. Jon and I have worked many years together and his firm is our logistical backbone for the build-out of our Green new terminal. We expect to utilize solar power at the terminal, as well as all environmentally friendly options possible for the first new fuel farm in Florida in decades.

Next, I am pleased to have another long-time acquaintance, Ken Klipper, join our team as Special Financial Advisor. Ken has many years of experience as a public company CFO. His assistance has already been felt as we build investor relations and forge ahead to add the basis for the companies’ governance, financial reporting, and infrastructure necessary to enable us to uplist ECSL shares to the NASDAQ marketplace. Please realize that there are significant acceptance criteria, including, but not limited to, a $4 per share bid price in order to qualify for and gain acceptance to join Nasdaq. We believe that this is an important goal for the company and for our shareholders as it will provide greater stock liquidity while expanding the universe of buyers.

Some may wonder why we believe that it is appropriate to pursue the land purchase and construction of a fuel farm in Florida given the “Green New Deal” and other initiatives to lower fossil fuel emissions in the coming decades? We are excited about CyberFuels’ prospects to lower carbon and sulfur emissions, add better fuel efficiencies, and improve mpg, while lowering fuel costs for consumers. The consensus of leading industry executives is that Electric Vehicles (EV) will be a small percentage, potentially as low as 20%, of the auto industry’s sales in the decades to come as the industry deals with the roadblocks of charging stations, raw materials shortages for batteries, and new battery configuration. Also, battery-only operations do not make sense for aircraft and marine vessels, so we are in a prime position to have a new, biofuels friendly, storage terminal for all modes of transportation for decades to come while we continue to build our retail establishments with control of our own storage supplies. We anticipate that those retail stations will have a super-station look, with branded CyberFuels gasoline and diesel. So, we are investing in the Companies’ growth opportunities, we are investing in our communities by providing more and better fuel resources, and we are investing in highly talented people to build the Companies’ futures.

Thank you for your support to date and I look forward to working with you and for you in the years to come. I will share more information as it becomes permissible.


John Lawrence
President / CyberFuels, Inc.

Update from the President

February 11, 2021

I am pleased to take this opportunity to announce that our wholly owned subsidiary, CyberFuels, Inc. has completed a binding Sales and Purchase agreement for acquiring an existing business and the accompanying real estate which was announced in September 2020.

The definitive agreement and closing are subject to numerous conditions at closing, including but not limited to final due diligence, and financing. EncounterCare’s goal is to close in April or May of 2021.

The real property portion of the acquisition is comprised of 65+acres of land and an operational shipping port.

Plans are to develop, through partnerships, portions of the property to accommodate CyberFuels corporate office as well as planned commercial office and storage space. Management is currently in negotiations with potential tenants.

Capital costs of the overall program- and its phases- are estimated to demand up to $165M or more, depending on the ultimate program scope, but Cyberfuels does not have total financing commitments in place at this time however they have identified financing options and are actively working with these sources to complete the financing transaction.

In anticipation of closing, CyberFuels is in negotiations to enter into large-scale liquid contracts for the new terminal and expects Phase One of the overall one-million-barrel program to include more than 250,000 barrels of storage. CyberFuels’ program includes building a large-volume liquid storage facility with long-term contracts for cleaner fuels including Bio-advantaged and renewable fuels for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet A, and Marine Bunker fuel for delivery to markets in Florida. CyberFuels plans will also include the ability to store, blend, market and support its proprietary, and environmentally responsible products marketed as EcoFlex and Dynamo brands. When blended with regular gasoline and diesel, these additives increase mileage, reduces emissions, and are less costly than unblended gasolines and diesel fuels.

The management team is committed to creating and operating the new CyberFuels facility as a world-class energy complex; in other words, a complete campus incorporating environmentally responsible solar and green energy initiatives for our community and partnering companies. Mills further added that CyberFuels expects to bring in a new team of seasoned industry veterans to manage the company and the new CyberFuels Terminal.

Announcements regarding the new management team should be made within the next few weeks.


Ron Mills
President and CEO

CyberFuels Contract to Build Distribution Plant in Florida

July 1, 2020

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., July 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. (OTC BB: ECSL) is pleased to announce CyberFuels Inc. its subsidiary has completed a non-binding Letter of Intent with a binding non-refundable down payment to acquire the businesses and property for a fuel distribution plant in Florida. According to CEO Ronald Mills, CyberFuels plans to build a “green energy” state-of-the-art fuel blending and distribution terminal for its new-age motor fuels via CyberFuels patented and patent pending products which will allow for the company’s rapid growth and expansion throughout Florida and the region. Benefits of the CyberFuels alternative fuels are numerous, but briefly, management believes they are less expensive to consumers, offer higher MPG, reduce carbon emissions, and extend engine life. Management further believes that the new CyberFuels terminal will offer increased earnings through commercial real estate development of the properties surrounding the CyberFuels facility to include administrative headquarters for partner companies and tenant business management facilities.

The new state-of-the-art facility will be designed by Currier & Company of Los Angeles, California utilizing as many green energy opportunities as possible. Jon Currier, principal of the Currier Group, has been selected as Program lead and Project Engineer. Currier & Company has tremendous experience programming and building innovative fuel facilities in markets throughout the United States and around the world. Jon Currier stated, “Our expert engineering staff and talented program team are delighted to have the opportunity to support CyberFuels’ ground-breaking energy initiative that will add tremendous value to the people and industry of Florida.”

The project is expected to have total cost of approximately $152M and is expected to generate an estimated $50M profit per year after the facility is fully operational.

Mills further added that additional information will be made public within the next 90 days upon the completion of the definitive agreement.

About CyberFuels™: CyberFuels Inc. delivers custom blended GEM fuels to suit almost any engines need.

EcoFlex96™ offers high octane alternatives to regular gasoline.

Our gasoline and GEM fuels offer superior performance over similar traditional gasoline blends. Unlike other fuel options, there is no need to retrofit the vehicle for consumption of our fuel blends.

All of our fuels can be transported, stored and pumped like regular gasoline.

The CyberFuels lines of products also include our “Dynamo™” brands.

Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster:

Independent lab certified to reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) by 20% and overall emissions by 21% and has been shown to deliver an average Cetane rating over 52 when added to regular diesel fuel at fill up. Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster also improves engine performance, power, and increases miles per gallon along with improving cold flow, increasing lubricity and cleaning fuel injectors.

Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster:

Improves octane and increases the miles per gallon (mpg). Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster allows consumers to purchase regular 87 octane gasoline and increase the power and performance of that fuel to equal that of superior high test 93 octane gasolines, by adding a bottle of our Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster to their tank at fill up. Visit www.cyberfuelsinc.com

Safe Harbor:

Certain statements and information included in this press release constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Federal Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. When used in this press release, the words or phrases “will likely result,” “expected to,” “will continue,” “anticipated,” “estimate,” “projected,” “intends,” or similar expressions are intended to identify “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements are subject to certain risks, known and unknown, and uncertainties, including but not limited to, economic conditions, dependence on management, dilution to shareholders, lack of capital changes in laws or regulations, the effects of rapid growth upon the Company and the ability of management to effectively respond to the growth, demand for products and services of the Company, newly developing technologies, its ability to compete, conflicts of interest related to party transactions, regulatory matters, protection of technology, lack of industry standards, the effects of competition, and the ability of the Company to obtain additional financing. Such factors could materially adversely affect the Company’s financial performance and could cause the Company’s actual results for future periods to differ materially from any opinions or statements expressed within this press release.

Bill Robertson
Ph. No. 604 837 3835

CyberFuels, Inc. Launches Sales of its Specially Formulated EcoFlex 91 and 93 Octane GEM fuels in Daytona Beach Florida

August 5, 2019

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Aug. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions (ECSL Pink Sheets OTC) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary CyberFuels Inc. is now  offering its specially formulated EcoFlex 91 and 93 octane GEM  fuels in Daytona Beach and Flagler Beach, Florida. EcoFlex 91 and 93 Octanes are powered by the company’s patent pending fuel additives. EcoFlex reduces greenhouse gases by 10%, reduces sulfur emissions by 10% and simultaneously increases engine performance. Ronald W. Mills, Sr., President of CyberFuels states that the company’s two new stations have provided an amazing opportunity to introduce our brands to the general public and showcase our family of Eco friendly products. EcoFlex qualifies as a GEM (gas, ethanol and methanol) fuel. While EcoFlex is formulated using our patented additives which makes it superior in performance, GEM fuels have been the only fuels used by the Junior World Rally Championship (JWRC) for the past few years.  We expect to add our proprietary 87 Octane methanol blended flexfuel to the product line in September. Therefore, the company expects to have continued rapid growth in revenue and profits for the foreseeable future.

About CyberFuels™:  CyberFuels Inc. delivers custom blended regular and alcohol enhanced fuels to suit almost any engines need.

EcoFlex96™ offers high octane alternatives to regular gasoline and is designed specifically for Flex fuel vehicles. Our gasoline and alcohol blended fuels offer superior performance over similar traditional gasoline blends. EcoFlex 87,91, 93 and 96  increase octane and performance while lowering costs and harmful greenhouse gases. The CyberFuels lines of products also include our “Dynamo™” brands.

Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster:

Independent lab certified to reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) by 20% and overall emissions by 21% and has been shown to deliver an average Cetane rating over 52 when added to regular diesel fuel at fill up. Dynamo™ Diesel CetaneBooster also improves engine performance, power, and increases miles per gallon along with improving cold flow, increasing lubricity and cleaning fuel injectors.

Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster:

Improves octane and increases the miles per gallon (mpg). Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster allows consumers to purchase regular 87 octane gasoline and increase the power and performance of that fuel to equal that of superior high test 93 octane gasolines, by adding a bottle of our Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster to their tank at fill up.

EncounterCare Solutions: CyberFuels announces initial order for new “Dynamo Marine Diesel Additive™”

September 20, 2017

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions, ECSL (OTC PINK:ECSL) — The company is pleased to announce that we are expanding our Dynamo Additive family of products to include a Dynamo Marine Diesel Additive™. We are very excited about this addition and have shipped the first order to our new customer Yacht Chandlers, Inc. www.yachtchandlers.com.

Ron Mills Sr. stated, “Yacht Chandlers is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is one of the largest yacht support companies in the world. We are planning a big rollout of Dynamo Diesel Additive™ in November at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Additionally, we are sponsoring Yacht Chandlers 10th Annual Crew Appreciation Party and will be collaborating with them on additional efforts leading up to, during and following the show.”

Dynamo Marine Diesel Additive will be featured by Yacht Chandlers throughout the yacht show season as “Product of the Week” as well as additional web site promotions and e blasts targeting Captains, Engineers and Crew of some of the largest yachts in the world. One of our significant opportunities today is in the bunkering or bulk fuel sales which we expect to focus on with Yacht Chandlers, amongst others.

CyberFuels Inc. announces distribution expansion throughout Canada and the USA

December 13, 2017

ALM BEACH, Fla., Dec. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions (OTC:ECSL) announces that its subsidiary, CyberFuels Inc., is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution contract with RLT Fuel Distribution, Inc., Ontario, Canada. Under the terms of the contract, RLT will wholesale the entire product line of CyberFuels into Canada, New York State, and all United Tribal Lands and Territories in Canada and the US. In addition, RLT expects to open, in a partnership with CyberFuels and other station owners, three CyberFuels branded stations including a super store in Kahnawake, Canada. RLT expects sales to begin in December 2017.

Ronald Mills, President of CyberFuels stated that the company has also concluded an agreement with one of the nation’s largest fuel fulfillment companies. This agreement gives CyberFuels the ability to buy fuel at discounts and supply the super centers as well as other customers throughout North America in a timely manner important in the industry. Further details regarding this agreement will be made public in following releases. Plans are currently being finalized for the new super stores. The superstores will include restaurants and truck service centers. The first superstore in Montreal is expected to have a Tim Hortons restaurant located in the plaza. Architectural renderings and CyberFuels new signage can be viewed on the CyberFuels inc. website under the “Store Locator” tab. http://www.cyberfuelsinc.com/storelocator.aspx . Store locations will be added under this tab as they come on line.

Mills further commented that the CyberFuels Inc. superstores will sell regular gasoline, our proprietary synthetic EcoFlex 96 blends as well as high cetane diesel fuel powered by the company’s proprietary Dynamo Cetane Booster.

Mr. Mills further added that these developments are expected to increase the profitability of the company and that he plans to use the increase in cash position to repurchase shares of company stock which he believes to be significantly undervalued.

Jean Yves Lemoine, VP of RLT stated, “I am excited about developing the new CyberFuels brand of gasoline and additives throughout Canada and New York. We expect a quick ramp up in 2018.”

Mr. Lemoine further commented, ”We currently have commitments from individuals interested in expanding the CyberFuels brand into a destination truck stop which will carry all of the CyberFuels branded products with emphasis on diesel fuel powered by the Dynamo™ Cetane Booster, a CyberFuels branded additive. This destination truck stop is planned for the Pacific coast highway in Costa Rica and RLT expects to design and manage the complex.

About RLT:

RLT Fuel Distribution is part of the RLT corporation family business. RLT has a pharmacy wholesale/retail distribution business, government contracting business which focuses on Fuel and other lubrication products. Additionally, it has a fuel distribution license with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe for all communities in the US. RLT has applied for licensing in Quebec and Ontario and expects to complete that process in December. RLT is a proud tribal business that provides superior delivery services at best prices. RLT pricing is a significant benefit to its customers which is made possible through its direct contracts with major 1st tier fuel manufacturers and providers.

CyberFuels, Inc. Completes Agreement with Hightowers Petroleum Company for Supply Management and Logistic Services for United States and Canada

December 20, 2017

PALM BEACH, Fla., Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions (OTC:ECSL) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary CyberFuels, Inc. has completed an agreement with Hightowers Petroleum Company for fuel supply management and service logistics for Canada and the United States. Hightowers Petroleum has offices in the US, Canada, Nigeria and South Africa.

John Milliron, Vice President at Hightowers Petroleum commented, “We’re very excited to have the opportunity to work with the CyberFuels team on incorporating their international model. Moving into Canada not only further develops our partnership with CyberFuels, but also places us in a strategic position with our current customer base on moving forward with providing solutions to additional projects we’ve been assessing. Starting out 2018 with this joint strategy has us poised for outstanding growth.”

Hightowers Petroleum was founded in 1984 as a wholesale fuel distribution company and today it is an energy solutions enterprise that is recognized throughout North America for its customer service, integrity, creative fuel distribution model and expert handling of complex upstream and downstream issues. Hightowers Petroleum Company has been ISO certified since 2002 and currently hold certificates in ISO 9001: 2015 for Quality Management, OSHA 18001: 2007 for Occupational Health and Safety, and ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management. Hightowers has a vast array of corporate and government clients including such widely recognizable brands as the Kroger Company, Sam Clubs, Duke Energy, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, US Government, Defense Fuel supply and a long list of similar companies in retail, energy, transportation, healthcare, automotive and others.

Ronald Mills, Sr., President of CyberFuels stated, “We are extremely pleased to have the power and expertise of the Hightowers Petroleum team assisting CyberFuels with its supply chain management throughout Canada and the United States. We expect this new program will allow us to manage our costs better and gain more control over fuel costs as we grow our core CyberFuels, Inc. business. Additionally, we believe this agreement will allow CyberFuels, Inc. to maintain an ambitious but controlled growth over the next five years.”

CyberFuels Inc. gains approval for EcoFlex 96 to be sold in Texas and plans to acquire Texas Bulk Fuel Distributor

February 12, 2018

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions (OTC:ESCL) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, CyberFuels Inc. will begin selling its EcoFlex 96 fuel in Texas. Under the new Texas state statutes, “Any state fleet with more than 15 vehicles, excluding emergency vehicles may not purchase or lease a motor vehicle unless it uses compressed gas, propane, ethanol or fuel blends of at least 85% ethanol or methanol.”

CyberFuels has multiple blends that contain fuel methanol and denatured ethanol.

Ronald Mills, President of CyberFuels stated the acquisition of the bulk distribution facility will allow CyberFuels to deliver its fuel into the Houston and Dallas markets.

Additionally, the planned acquisition of the Bulk Distribution Facility will also allow for the immediate opening of a new “CyberFuels”, Inc. gas station which is in the works for the Houston market. The planned acquisition will immediately increase FY 2018 revenue by an estimated $2.8 million dollars.

CyberFuels, Inc. Announces Completion of GSA Application and award of CAGE number

March 22, 2018

PALM BEACH, Fla., March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ECSL) wholly owned subsidiary CyberFuels is pleased to announce that it has completed the registration process for government contracts from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The DLA Energy group is organized to work with customers and suppliers to accomplish all areas of its mission. Its mission is to supply Bulk Petroleum Products and Bulk Petroleum supply chain services as well as the procurement and distribution of military specified products. Additionally, DLA Energy supports all other federal government agencies with fleets of vehicles with comprehensive energy solutions. Acquisitions include Diesel fuel, Gasoline and Alternative fuels.

Ronald Mills, President of CyberFuels, stated, “We are extremely pleased to have been granted our CAGE number, which allows us to bid on government supply contracts. We believe there is a large opportunity to supply Federally mandated programs, which are directed by the Energy Policy Act, with both Alternative Fuels and low emissions diesel fuel to meet Federally mandated Environmental Impact Standards. The Energy Policy Act requires federal agencies with 20 or more vehicles to acquire only vehicles that would be classified as Flex fuel or Hybrid plug in electric vehicles when possible. Cyberfuels plans to submit its first two bid applications in early April.”

CyberFuels Inc. Announces Major Expansion of US Retail Outlets for Gasoline and CyberFuels’ Proprietary EcoFlex Blends

April 30, 2018

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., April 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions Inc.’s (Pink sheets:ECSL) wholly owned subsidiary CyberFuels, Inc. is pleased to announce that CyberFuels has signed a contract with Southern Fuel Supply Inc. (www.southernfuelsupply.com) as a retailer and wholesaler of its EcoFlex and Dynamo product line. Under the terms of the contract, Southern Fuel Supply will begin selling CyberFuels Regular and Supreme gasoline, Super Dynamo Diesel, as well as EcoFlex 96. SFS plans on branding some of its company owned stations with the CyberFuels Banner.

Ronald Mills, President of CyberFuels, Inc. stated that the company is very pleased to have Southern Fuel Supply Inc. as both a retailer and wholesaler of our products. Southern Fuel Supply delivers fuel to 140 convenience stores, and gasoline stations within Florida, Louisiana, and Michigan. Eddie Zaben, of SFS, stated SFS has Valero, Gulf and BP-branded stations and is adding CyberFuels Inc. to its brand offerings. Mr. Zaben further added that SFS is in negotiation on its first CyberFuels gas station in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is an exciting opportunity for SFS to be in on the ground floor of this rapid growth opportunity.

CyberFuels Inc. Announces Completion of Test and Initial Order for EcoFlex 96 from Russia

May 29, 2018

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions Inc. (Pink sheets:ECSL) wholly owned subsidiary CyberFuels, Inc. is pleased to announce that CyberFuels has received its first order for EcoFlex 96™ from Eko-Oktan which began testing EcoFlex 96™ approximately two years ago and after a lengthy test cycle has placed its first order for EcoFlex 96™ Additive.

Ronald Mills, President of CyberFuels, Inc. stated, “We are very pleased that Eko-Oktan is moving forward with their plan to make EcoFlex 96™ available to the consumers in Russia. This next phase involves a limited regional public release of the product. Eko-Oktan has ordered enough additive to make approximately 200,000 gallons (750,000 liters) of EcoFlex 96™. Eko-Oktan plans on blending EcoFlex 96™ in Russia using the proprietary additive from CyberFuels. We expect order volume to increase significantly as more stations are added throughout the year.”

Mills further added, “Cyberfuels has recently initiated corporate discussions for Cyberfuels blends to be distributed in India. India has announced its intention to blend 30% methanol into the countries gas supply. CyberFuels has proposed using the same model developed with Eko-Oktan in Russia in which the additive is made first by CyberFuels in the US and then shipped and blended in India.

Mills further added, he is extremely pleased with the company’s progress in the international market.

Additionally, ground has been broken on the first CyberFuels Travel Plaza in Costa Rica. The new fuel center is on the transpacific highway in Costa Rica on 17 acres. The travel plaza is being developed to meet the needs of both the commercial trucking industry as well as the growing resort areas close to the new travel center.

EncounterCare Solutions Inc. Announces CyberFuels New fuel shipments commence in Quebec, Canada

June 22, 2018

PALM BEACH, Fla., June 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions (OTC:ECSL) is pleased to announce that its Canadian distribution partner RLT Fuel Distribution Inc., Ontario, Canada has completed all the necessary licensing and bonding requirements to begin fuel sales in the province of Quebec, Canada. RLT expects to begin fuel distribution of the CyberFuels family of products throughout Quebec immediately. RLT expects to supply fuel to approximately 12 non branded stations in the greater Montreal area as well as one CyberFuels branded station. The CyberFuels branded station is being refitted and branded and the grand opening is expected early July. All locations carrying the CyberFuels family of products will be listed on the CyberFuels Inc. website www.cyberfuelsinc.com. Ronald Mills CEO of CyberFuels stated, “I am very pleased to make this announcement. This has been the culmination of several years of development, testing, permitting and logistics. We expect sales to grow rapidly in the greater Montreal area as well as throughout Canada.”

Additionally, Mills stated that the CyberFuels relationship with Hightower Petroleum has allowed the company to expand its product offerings and provides for deliveries to be more efficient. Fuel sales in Florida, Michigan and Ohio are expected to expand significantly in the later part of June with rapid growth throughout the last half of 2018.

CyberFuels Completes First Order of EcoFlex 96 to Russia and receives first order of Dynamo Cetane Booster for Costa Rica

June 26, 2018

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., June 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions Inc. (Pink Sheets:ECSL) wholly owned subsidiary CyberFuels Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed its first order for Russia with Eko-Octan, Inc. The order of EcoFlex 96 Additive was blended in and shipped from our US blending facility. The final product, “EcoFlex 96 Fuel” will be blended and retailed on site in Russia.

Additionally, CyberFuels, Inc. has received its first order for Dynamo Cetane Booster from Costa Rica. This product is currently being blended and will be shipped as a concentrate, then blended into the diesel fuel locally in Costa Rica. The preblended fuel will be marketed as Dynamo™ Super Diesel.

CyberFuels CEO Ronald Mills stated, “In the past quarter, CyberFuels has had in-depth meetings regarding EcoFlex as an alternative fuel in Ghana and India. Ghana has moved forward with testing EcoFlex and we are hopeful to complete transactions in both countries during 2018.”

CyberFuels Inc. Announces New Sales, Marketing and Research Office in Dearborn, MI.

July 13, 2018

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., July 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare solutions (OTC:ECSL) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary CyberFuels Inc. is opening a new Research, Sales and Marketing office located in the Ford Land Development Center at 6 Parklane Blvd. in Dearborn, Michigan. The office is slated to be open on August 1, 2018.

The center is close to OEM and tier 1 Auto Suppliers Roush, Ricardo, and Bosch as well as Ford, GM, Toyota, Hyundai, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Research and Development. We believe this proximity to key industry leaders in the automotive and trucking industry will not only be very helpful in continuing our product Research and Development, but also in our global marketing initiatives.

CyberFuels has hired an automotive industry expert to manage the facility. The new Director of research has over 20 patents in various automotive technologies to his credit and who has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry. He will be joining the company on August 1, 2018.

International sales for Europe and the Middle East will also be headquartered in the new Dearborn facility.

Additionally, We are happy to announce that Mr. Gene Perez has joined the company. Mr. Perez will be heading up our “Marine Vessel Fuel Management Program” as well as directing our “Global Dynamo Additive Technologies” marketing program. Mr. Perez has over 20 years’ experience in Marine Fuels and Additive Blending.

CyberFuels, Inc. Announces Continued Expansion

July 4, 2019

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Aug. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EncounterCare Solutions (OTC-ECSL) is pleased to announce that it has begun shipping fuel in Michigan and expects major expansion in Michigan, Ohio, and Montreal, Canada during August and September. Fuel shipments are expected to continue to increase significantly in all of our CyberFuels gasoline and additive products in September. CyberFuels expects to add 25 branded CyberFuels stations in North America during the next 2 quarters. The first of these 25 stations is expected to open in Daytona Beach, Florida in September and the second is expected to open in Montreal, Canada also in September. Both of these stations have been undergoing upgrades and renovations such as adding the company’s branding. The branding colors as well as visual presentations can be seen on the company’s website at ww.cyberfuelsinc.com. The remaining 23 stations are planned in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Montreal. Additionally, CyberFuels, through its partnership with RLT of Canada, expects to add an additional 12 independent gas stations in the greater Montreal area during the month of August for all of the CyberFuels family of products including EcoFlex96 and Dynamo Super Diesel.

CyberFuels is also pleased to announce that it has completed shipping its first test shipment of EcoFlex96 fuel to Ghana. The company expects to receive expanded orders from Ghana as well as Russia during the current quarter and provision for shipping these larger shipments are being completed with our current trading partners. The company believes that the addition of these new larger international orders along with the new business from the branded stations in the US and Montreal will change the fundamental outlook of the company. CyberFuels expects to be cash positive during the current quarter and further expects significant growth in all segments of its business.

Cyber Fuels Inc